Dr. Lance de Masi

Prior to joining the university in 1997, Dr. de Masi ─ over the period of more than 20 years ─ held various management positions in the US, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, the UK; and finally, Dubai with IMPACT/BBDO where he served as Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer.

Dr. de Masi holds Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Master of Business Administration (Marketing) degrees, the latter two from Indiana University (Bloomington) where in the mid-seventies he was an Associate Instructor. In 1997, he was granted a Doctor of Humane Letters degree by Schiller International University.

Dr. Lance de Masi has served on various marketing and creative juries and has received numerous awards in recognition of his contribution to the field of marketing communications. While President of the university, he continues to teach and consult within his field.