InterAd XII

The International Advertising Association (IAA) is pleased to invite your participation in InterAd XII, its annual global student advertising competition. This year’s competition is sponsored by Global Advertising Strategies, and Unilever is the client.

The enclosed case presents an actual marketing communications situation; whereby Unilever has achieved a unique position for its Axe brand of male grooming products.

Notwithstanding, markets are dynamic! Consumers are fickle. Global marketers and regional producers are continually introducing new brands or repositioning existing lines; as fierce competitors they vie with one another for sales, and market share.

As a consequence, successful marketers such as Unilever need to be alert to new market opportunities, where innovative marketing communication strategies and accompanying promotional tactics can generate incremental growth.

InterAd XII provides a unique opportunity to address this matter–first by identifying one or more untapped ethnic multi-cultural markets within your country or region, and then by proposing a comprehensive integrated marketing communications plan that will resonate among the intended buyers/consumers.

Participation in InterAd XII will also challenge you and your student colleagues to examine cultural values, ensuring that the resulting campaign proposal will be in accord with acceptable moral and legal standards prevalent within your country andthroughout the region.

In conclusion, IAA believes that InterAd participation will expand your marketing communications proficiencies—producing a professional quality Plans Book and accompanying presentation, while honing your capabilities in administering a demanding task. Beyond this, we think that it will additionally provide deeper insights into the profession.

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This project is designed for IAA’s Accredited Institutes worldwide plus quality universities and colleges worldwide where advertising/marketing communications subjects are taught.

This competition provides an opportunity for student advertising teams to propose comprehensive campaign recommendations for an actual client.

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