• 04th September, 2007

    Tobacco advertising

    Issue In part of a multifaceted attack on the tobacco industry, opponents of tobacco use have attempted to severely restrict, or entirely ban, tobacco advertising. IAA Position We believe in the...

  • 04th September, 2007

    Unsolicited commercial faxes

    IAA Position Faxing is an important part of normal business operations, and implementing written consent rules would harm business. Obtaining written and signed consent, as well as maintaining...

  • 04th September, 2007

    Commercial e-mail

    Issue Concerns over the amount of commercial e-mail sent have caused some to seek new ways to strengthen e-mail laws, even at the expense of legitimate advertisers. E mail registries are a misguided...

  • 04th September, 2007

    Product placement

    Issue In some countries certain broadcast product placement disclosure rules allow product placement in television programs provided the placement is disclosed, usually during end-of-show credits....

  • 04th September, 2007

    Responsible advertising

    IAA Position Responsible advertising is one of the main commitments of all IAA members, advertisers, agencies and media. It is a conduct which prevails in sensitive areas as marketing to children,...

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