• 27th September, 2012

    Child marketing and the influence of technology

    The time has come for the buckets and spades to be put away, and the science books to be opened. It’s time to get back to school. The flooding back of children into their daily routine represents a...

  • 21st August, 2012

    Campaigning for a cause

    Every year, with the month of Ramadan comes a time to reflect on the underprivileged and to contribute to helping the work of non-for-profit organisations. With this in mind, for the month of August,...

  • 02nd August, 2012

    To localise or not to localise

    Before international sports competitions are underway, brands associated with such events must decide whether or not to localise their campaigns depending on the impact and profit they can generate...

  • 23rd July, 2012

    The business of leveraging sports events

    How do marketers help brands use international sporting events to further sales initiatives and brand recognition in the region?...

  • 12th July, 2012

    Sports sponsorships: a win-win proposition?

    The month of July is an ideal time to look into the world of sports sponsorship and the challenges that make it a risky game...

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