• 09th September, 2007

    Young Professional Membership

    Young professionals considered appropriate by their employers and who are active in the areas of marketing communications are encouraged to join the IAA UAE Chapter in the capacity of Affiliate...

  • 09th September, 2007

    Academic Membership

    This category of membership is applicable to educators affiliated with recognized academic institutions as instructors in the fields related to advertising and/or marketing. Attractively reduced...

  • 09th September, 2007

    Individual Membership

    Applicable to individuals working within any size of organization involved in marketing, whether a service or client organization. Benefits to this group include: Access to global...

  • 09th September, 2007

    Corporate Membership

    Today, the IAA has 56 corporate members which includes an impressive list of global players, including Dow Jones & Company, Boeing Company, Proctor & Gamble, Shell International. They...

  • 09th September, 2007

    Types of Membership

    Membership is structured within four distinct categories to meet the specific needs of individuals and organizations. ...

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