re-brand-ing creates corporate identity for Blue Whale Broadcasting

Branding specialist re-brand-ing TM unveiled the corporate identity for Blue Whale Broadcasting, the world’s first and only floating broadcast centre dedicated to golf.

re-brand-ing TM has been appointed the branding partner of Blue Whale Broadcasting with the major task of developing the corporate identity for the floating broadcast center to begin its journey to all sea ports of call around the world providing viewers with live broadcast of entertaining golf and lifestyle programmes.

The re-brand-ing TM team deliberated on several names that would best fit the character and personality of the brand. Blue Whale Broadcasting needed a corporate identity that will look distinctive, whether at sea or anchored in any of the world’s most glamorous ports and marinas.

The team identified the Blue Whale, an ideal name since the mammal, said to be the largest in existence, can reach speeds of up to 50kph while communicating with other blue whales across the vast oceans.

The best feature of the blue whale is its distinctive dorsal fin, a definite show of strength and steering power. On the logo design, the dorsal fin is formed inside the letter “B” with transmitter waves “spouting” like jets of water from a whale’s blowhole.

The dark blue and subtle grey colour combinations of the logo was inspired by the blue whale’s skin colours, giving it an overall “organic” effect as opposed to the already expected electronic techno look.

Blue Whale Broadcasting’s logo encompasses what Golf World Entertainment Group (GWEG) envisioned after setting up the floating broadcasting company that will deliver entertaining golf and lifestyle HD and SD programming to viewers around the globe via satellite, broadband and mobile transmission from aboard a 60-meter long super yacht.

Blue Whale Broadcasting intends to develop, produce and broadcast original content in addition to acquiring commercially viable programming from independent producers and distributors including the PGA Tour.

“The concept behind a floating broadcast centre was to provide flexible, creative and unlimited broadcast solutions that are unique to companies around the globe, entertaining and transportable. Blue Whale’s transportability will allow for live broadcast of events and productions from ports of call around the globe – providing a unique perspective for viewers and high visibility for sponsors and advertisers,” said Barbara Yaremko, Founder and Chairman of Blue Whale Broadcasting.

She added: “Accolades to the re-brand-ing TM team of experts for delivering the perfect brand identity that reflects the quality and high level of excellence our brand represents. It was an absolute pleasure working with the team and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship with them as we grow our brand globally.”

“It was a major challenge for us but we saw it as an opportunity to showcase the kind of work we have been doing. The re-brand-ing TM team dove deep into their collective sea creature psyche and came up with a watertight concept,” said Gabby Bechara Chamat, Chief Executive Officer of re-brand-ing TM.

After working on a challenging project like Blue Whale Broadcasting, Chamat stressed the value of finding and bringing together all the elements needed to create a brand’s personality – name, graphic identity, market image and philosophy that will define the mission and the vision of the exclusive project. He said the team enjoyed their time at sea and has since moved on to breathing life to new and existing brands on land.

The well-designed and carefully-planned corporate identity logo for Blue Whale Broadcasting will be visible in all communications, advertising, internet and merchandising tools.


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