IAA UAE Chapter unveils trailblazing cross-industry guidelines for the Pitch Process

The UAE Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) unveiled a code entitled ‘Best Practice in the Pitch Process’ at the inauguration of their new offices in Dubai Media City yesterday. The first of its kind in the region, the code formally addresses issues connected to the pitch process, specifically for the Middle East communications industry. The IAA encourage industry peers to adopt the code as a guidance tool to better approach the often challenging and costly steps involved in the pitch process.

The product of a year’s research, industry forums and open panel discussions, the code was developed in response to growing frustrations in both client and agency organisations with regards to how pitch processes are conducted. The code champions the promotion of effective, enduring relationships between client and agency, and provides reasoning and guidance on why going ‘out to pitch’ is not always the best option when poor commercial performance or a breakdown in communication occurs.

Dr. Lance de Masi, president of the IAA UAE Chapter and president of The American University in Dubai, said: “This is a significant initiative from which all stakeholders in the communications industry stand to benefit. The code is the first of its kind drafted with grass-roots input from communications sector representatives in our region; and we trust that by sharing it, sheer common sense will favour its adoption in the UAE and across the region.

“The code is a living document, subject to evolution based on feedback and change in the industry. We believe it will set a path for the industry to follow – a blueprint for more effective client-agency engagement. The hope is that its adoption will generate more satisfying results across the board for both clients and agencies, as well as serve to raise the bar in ethical practices throughout the pitch process from a to z.”

The content was derived from in-depth consultation with senior executives from client organisations and representatives of the creative, media, PR and specialist agency sectors in the UAE and will offer step by step guidelines on topical issues relating to the pitch process including pitching fees, procurement and ethics.

The IAA UAE Chapter welcomed representatives from client organisations and members of the creative, media, PR and specialist agency sectors in the UAE to the inauguration of their new premises in Dubai Media City on Wednesday 13 June where key components of the ‘Best Practice in the Pitch Process’ code were presented.

The code is available to download here (PDF format).

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The UAE Chapter is proud to be the largest IAA chapter in the world, reflecting the dynamic growth of the regional marketing and marketing communications industries. Our current membership includes over 150 companies  in the MarComm industry.
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The purpose of the IAA UAE Chapter is to encourage the growth and development of the advertising and marketing communications industries in the UAE and to be its unbiased advocate. To achieve this, the UAE Chapter will strive to consistently enhance the knowledge and skills of the professionals working within the sector. In the uncompromising pursuit of its objectives the UAE Chapter shall promote integrity and best practice.

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