Commercial e-mail

Concerns over the amount of commercial e-mail sent have caused some to seek new ways to strengthen e-mail laws, even at the expense of legitimate advertisers. E mail registries are a misguided effort aimed at protecting children from online predators.

IAA Position
The IAA supports current implementation of current in place anti-spam legislation, to allow legitimate e-mail marketing but imposes criminal sanctions on senders who do not comply with the law. We support guidelines for commercial e mail senders, which encourage clear disclosure of the e-mail sender, an easy opt-out removal system and a valid postal address as a means for the recipient to contact the sender.

The IAA opposes any mandatory “opt-in” requirements, meaning that the recipient would first have to authorize a sender before allowing any e-mail to be sent. IAA opposes any effort to create do-not-e-mail registries, because such registries would not stop illegal spammers who routinely break the current law. Such a registry would impose unnecessary “scrubbing” costs on legitimate e-mail marketers. E-mail registries are unsafe and prohibitively costly. E-mail registries present serious security and privacy risks. Registering actually increases the danger for children, because all submitted lists are compared against a list of known e-mail addresses belonging to children. Registries make it easier for surreptitious groups to obtain those children’s contact information. Submitting any marketing lists to a government agency raises serious privacy and First Amendment concerns. Ultimately, e-mail registries will hurt legitimate e-mail marketers while doing nothing to protect children and email recipients.

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