Responsible advertising

IAA Position
Responsible advertising is one of the main commitments of all IAA members, advertisers, agencies and media. It is a conduct which prevails in sensitive areas as marketing to children, and even more, when it comes to food, drinks and diet. In April 2004, the International Chamber of Commerce adopted a “‘Framework for responsible food and beverage communications” to ensure that food and beverage advertisements are sensitive to the problem of obesity, particularly with regard to children. IAA supports this initiative.

Self regulation in advertising

IAA Position
Though available academic research does not support the view that food advertising is a significant cause of diet-related problems, IAA recognises the need to change advertising codes to answer public policy concerns, but that a total ban would
be disproportionate. Advertising in the context of children needs to be both responsible and sensitive to children and families. Responsible commercial communications, self-regulation and commitment to self-regulatory codes are a major factor in providing a high level
of protection for all. Further, it believes that educating children to understand the purpose and context of advertising is crucial).

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